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Animal Rugs

Rugs are known to be the actual "artwork for the floor." They can right away banish dull flooring with bright and beautiful designs and colors.

Animal rugs have existed since the historical backdrop of humanity itself. Animal skins have decorated the homes since humankind initially lived in shelters. Also, this tradition has genuinely not ended until now.

These statement animal rugs are joyous textiles, jazzing up your floor with a pool of patterns and colors. Animal rugs are searched out for their quirky, colorful, and, sometimes, tribal appeal, having the latest call from the wild which offers an adventurous take on this beautiful style.

Animal rugs are an incredible method to add elegance to a room. The flawlessly printed animal rugs and the woven animal design rug add the expected dimension to any room. These rugs look close to being natural without having an actual animal in your living space. Also, with these stylish animal floor coverings, now you need not chase and hunt the animal.

There are the various choices of rugs available offering patterns of the fascinating animal skins like alligators, crocodile, panthers, tigers, cheetahs, impalas and zebras. You can use these carpets either wall-to-wall or can cut and tie to your size and specifications.

History of Animal Rugs

When it comes to the historical backdrop of rugs, the history of rugs is simply the history of humanity. As earlier, there were fewer options to find comfort and warmth. The Stone Age man felt the need to put the hide of some furry animals on the cavern floor to protect themselves from cold. The rugs began as a sleeping mat to give people the protection they wanted from the elements while resting. At first, the animal skins were utilized and, later, coarse fabrics of a traditional weave. As the population slowly went to a progressively settled life, rugs changed from being private belongings into items for barter and trade.

Animal skins were used to make rugs earlier human-made fibers. Even camel and goat hair were used to make these floor coverings. After people learned how to weave, they made rugs from grasses and other plant materials.

The incredible artisans who wove these antique rugs were experts at depicting minute details that required extraordinary precision. The weavers did not see most of the fascinating animals found in rugs in their natural territory. They were dependent on symbolism in books to draft the animal themes woven into these rugs. A Turkish Oushak rug highlights the legendary monster and griffin trapped in a ceaseless fight. A Tibetan rug likewise depicts the winged dragon theme in a progressively traditional Eastern Oriental arrangement.

In most Persian rugs, the animals are occupied in battle— perhaps summoning the hidden imagery of a cosmological order of the pre-Islamic times as well as referring to the hunt, an image of royal power. Persian hunting design is one of the most seasoned and most elusive rug styles. Initially made for Shahs and supreme leaders, the Persian hunting rugs exemplify a grand strength and masculinity that is only from time to time found in Persian city rugs.

These animal rugs have a different kind of warmth about them, with every color and pattern depicting something significant.

They are sure to look incredible on a variety of floor types, and they are sure to blend with numerous dé cor styles pleasantly. They can also serve as best decorations to your humble abode. Delight in the smooth, luxurious feel of these remarkable animal rugs and appreciate the rich aroma of natural feels it adds to the room.