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Bamboo silk

Bamboo silk

Bamboo silk

Silk is one of the most sought after rug material as it makes intricately crafted designs possible, and the feel of silk is luxurious and smooth. This delicate material is extracted from an insect called mulberry silkworm which justifies its high cost.

Mulberry silkworm larvae create the silk, and the insect is raised to produce silk in a large quantity. A mulberry silkworm is the only known type of worm to create silk that is used by humans.

Knowing the cost and hard work used in the making of real silk rugs, most of the rug is made from bamboo silk. Resembling real silk; bamboo silk is a viscose. It is a fancy way of saying artificial silk. It is made from regenerated wood fiber and is explicitly extracted from bamboo stalks. It is a popular fiber because it is breathable like cotton and cool to the touch. Not only that but bamboo silk is hard-wearing but also retains similar luxury underfoot as traditional silk.

Bamboo silk resembles real silk in shine and softness and is stunning combined with wool for beautiful highlights. Bamboo Silk not just looks like silk but also has a similar texture. Bamboo as a plant is extremely sustainable, and so is the fabric as compared to natural silk.

Bamboo silk is natural to grow and can grow up to 23 meters in a year! It does not require replanting, so it is not surprising that bamboo silk is put in use for luxury towels, bedding, and linen. With incredibly soft and clean fibers, bamboo silk fiber has a natural softness and sheen to it that drapes and feels like silk but is less expensive to produce. It can be spun and woven into threads for fabrics and textiles. The color also embeds in bamboo silk very quickly, making the rug look royal and elegant. Bamboo silk rug is a handmade rug, which is a unique and valuable piece of art that should effortlessly be put on display.

Cleaning a Bamboo Silk Rug

Rugs are generally laid on the floors, which tend to make them dirty regularly. When it comes to cleaning a bamboo silk rug, it is simple. There is no expert cleaning required. You can easily spot-treat the stains and have a professional cleaning session once a year. The only thing that one can keep in their mind is to never to rub a stain out with a brush or a cloth. This damages the bamboo silk rug so gravely that even professional rug cleaners may not be able to undo the damage.

Apart from this, bamboo silk rug is highly susceptible to crushing. The fibers of the rug can easily crease or flatten underfoot in a high traffic area or a sitting. Making it a delicate fabric to work with and keep nice in a home, mainly if it is used on the floor.

Benefits of Bamboo Silk Rug

Despite its many issues, bamboo silk rug does have many benefits. It is a beautiful component in a non-pile woven fabric, in combination with fibers like cotton. Viscose accents in a rug are also lovely, and any change in color is generally not noticeable. They are also a beautiful, lightweight, and lovely addition. With its bold colors, the rug is sure to transform your dull looking space by adding to your home texture and style. Not only it adds style and creates warmth underfoot but also adds royal charm by enhancing the room with vibrant and striking designs.