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Bukhara Rugs | Unique Bokhara Rug Patterns To Explore
wool on wool
wool on cotton

Bukhara rug also spelt as Bokhara,got their names from the Bukhara region in the southwest of Uzbekistan. Oncecalled as Tekke, these rugs were the sign of wealth across the East Empires.With time, Bukhara rugs became highly popular with their design among thecarpet-weaving world and were massively produced in entire Asia including Iran,India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Central Asia.

Because of their design andsymmetrical patterns, Bukhara rugs are easy to identify. These beautiful rugswith repeated oval motifs or diamond shapes distinguish them from the rest ofthe carpets. Traditionally Bukhara rugs are designed with the tone of vibrantred color but also come in rose, ivory, green and grey hues.

To ensure the quality, ourhighly skilled artisans make use of only high-quality sheep wool to craft theseadorable rugs. With the use of incredibly soft piles, our Bukhara rugs areappreciated across the globe among our customers. You will never find our Bukhararugs, which are tufted or synthetic.

So, if you are looking for agenuine Bukhara rug but still not sure where to find it, Jaipur Handicraftsoffers an exquisite assortment of Bukhara rugs to revamp the look and feel ofyour home or office.

Bukhara rugs always give alush feeling; one of the primary reasons for having a carpet in the home is touplift the look of the space. Similarly, a Bukhara rug will add purpose to anopen floor plan.

Our techniques have beenrefined over the years to ensure a natural dye that is steadfast and long-lasting.A special heirloom wash produces the understated color variations that giverugs their unique antique look. They are incredibly well made and verydetailed.

Since wool can absorb echoand noise, some people prefer to have Bukhara rugs in their rooms where theycan play music at high volume. Or, you can add more drama to a centrepiece byplacing it on a Bukhara rug but ensure that it covers all the piece offurniture or another item of choice. If you are fond of symmetrical looks, youcan place a Bukhara rug in the center of a room to even things out. These rugsare ideal for the bedroom and will add warmth to it. Place the rugs in such away that they can offer an elegant alternative to the traditional rugs.Nonetheless, nothing stops you from mixing and matching.

Maintenance and care for Bukhara Rugs

Protect your rugs from thedampness of furnaces, stoves and chimneys as it can deteriorate the appearanceof wool. So, keep them in a dry environment. Rotate your rugs often to balancethe damaging effects of the sunlight. The beauty and life of rugs are primarilyreliant on their cleanliness. Sweeping the rug with a broom at least once aweek eliminates the loose soil and brings out its natural shine. For cleaning arug, gentle beating is one of the best methods, or you can use vacuum at a lowsuction level. Avoid vacuum cleaning on the fringes as it might tear them.Restore rug pile that has been crushed by heavy furniture by brushing theparticular area with a soft brush. Dampen with a spray bottle, and brush again.

Intricately weaved with arich color mix and design, these rugs reflect the classic heritage of Indianart and add glory to any room with antique or contemporary furniture.

Thisbeautiful collection of wool on wool product can add sophistication to theinterior decoration. It is a versatile, classic and ageless piece of art, whichshowcases luxury in essence. Comes in any color and sizes, so one gets a chanceto mix and match with the interiors and add freshness to the entire look andfeel of the room.