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Contemporary Rugs

Give your barren floors a contemporary twist with our classic collection of handmade rugs. Be it the purity of material or elegance of transitional forms; we have covered them all to bring to you the best of our collection. We assure not only the unmatched quality but also the great designs that are recognized globally. The top-quality contemporary rugs available at Jaipur Handicrafts are hand-weaved and of pure wool, which is a must-buy if you are an intense seeker of intricacy and craftsmanship. Also, depending on the placement of the rug, you can make your choices from varied sizes, designs, shapes, and colors. Deciding the size and shape of the rug isn’t a cakewalk; hence, research properly before you buy a rug. For instance, a runner rug makes a perfect choice in the kitchen or hallways, while a round rug suits perfectly when placed beneath a coffee table.

When it comes to buying rugs online, colors hold a vital position. Transform the area under your feet with our vivacious collection of colors. The primary purpose of rugs is to provide a touch of warmth and coziness to the room, particularly those with hardwood or tile floors. Our rugs can transform any room effortlessly. Rugs can not only change the look and mood of a room, but they also have a variety of practical benefits – from keeping your home cozy to reducing noise.

Not all homes come carpeted, that means many people who move into a new home consider buying rugs for their floors. Our assortment of contemporary rugs is a total multitasker; able to enhance the style and hiding imperfections in one chic fell swoop. Our rugs lend a modern touch to a seating area in an office, conversation area in the living room, or an eating area in the kitchen or dining room.

Our rugs provide an additional visual layer, making it easy to convert a room from cold and dreary to warm and colorful. It helps in keeping the room together. Our array comes in virtually every color, size, and pattern one could imagine. They can be used to separate the rooms that have no defining wall and mark areas by placing them on wall-to-wall.         

Lovely rugs to add color & comfort to your home:

The ability of contemporary rugs is not just limited to floors; they can also be used for adorning the walls. From wild abstracts to doodles, sketches to prints and wiggly stripes to washes, there are endless designs and patterns to choose from. Contemporary rugs are a work of art, admired by many.

A bold patterned rug tends to catch attention and uplifts the room decor. A rug with the right shade can tie together the colors of your drapes and furnishings. They also help in creating a dynamic gathering place by bringing graphical elements and color into a room.

Rugs are often so beautiful, and it’s seriously tempting to hang rugs on the wall and admire them. You can also add a rug in a contrasting color to make your furnishings or wall color pop. Rugs add a lot to some rooms design. It’s genius because you get the impact of upscale art at a fraction of the price. Each rug offered by us is handcrafted by our skilled artisans and inspected to ensure that you only receive the top-quality products from our end.

So, let your feet rest peacefully on area rugs woven with love and passion.

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