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Kashan Rugs | Oriental Patterns | Contemporary Designs
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Kashan Rugs

Looking straight out of the royal era, the Kashan Rug is bound to make your dainty home feel like a palace. Inspired by the traditional designs, emperors ruled our land, and their mansions embellished with lavish garbs and rugs. Any corner of the house will come alive with the impeccable Kashan Rugs, their magnificence amplifying more than you can imagine. Kashan rugs are the blend of timeless style and contemporary designs.  These are an elegant rug that effortlessly blends with any home décor. With an intriguing and subtle composition of compartments, these rugs showcase an oriental pattern, lending a traditional yet luxurious look to your living space.

These rugs are handcrafted by exceptionally skilled craftsmen and artisans, which helps achieve the intricate designs and details on each of them. After going through several steps of measuring, the interweaving of wool and thorough washing and drying, we able to get the perfect rug, ready to adorn your house. These Kashan rugs of size 6x4 ft. are perfect to showcase beauty on your flooring and notch up the splendor for any corner of your abode. And you get the preference to change the size and color to match your desires, which is astounding in itself!

 Cotton, wool and pure silk are used to make these Kashan rugs. The frame of the head is made of wool that sometimes mixes silk inside. Kashan rugs complete fabric is usually thick, yet smooth. Typically, Kashan rugs are of high quality, with many adding silk in their models. However, some of the best instances may be pure silk; the basis appears to be cotton. The wool should be soft, and the stack should be knotted tightly. For the most majestic examples, the knot count (KPSI) can range from 100 to more than 800 per square inch.

Kashan is situated in the middle of Iran in the province of Isfahan and is one of the oldest towns in Iran. The area was one of the pre-historic civilization’s primary seats, with Tepe Sialk only 4 km from today’s Kashan, more than 6000BC of which parts date. The Kashan’s background dates back to the 17th century although some specialists think a few of the Kashan’s drawings date back to as early as the 16th century.

Kashan’s sales started around the 19th decade on national and foreign markets. Kashan rugs came into the spotlight as revenue grew and became a frequently used item across homes and collections around the world. They keep selling exceptionally well and are regarded as one of the best Persian carpets.

The lion’s shares of today’s precious ornate and vintage Kashan rugs generally originate from the latter part of the 19th to the early 20th century. The most elegant antique Kashan rugs were commissioned for personal households during this time, while others were manufactured either for national or international economies.

A Kashan rug uses natural dyes from vegetable and other products to bring their unique texture. We stick to the traditional ways to not only maintain the authenticity of how a Kashan Rug is supposed to be but also keep in mind the durability and maintainability, for a non-problematic experience.

So savor the soft, cloud-like feeling under your feet and prettify your humble abode with these luxurious and regal Kashan Rugs. They are perfect for your rooms and will make a statement.