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Kashmiri Rugs


It is essential to brighten up the living room for your house a little, and this can be done using handcrafted rugs in multiple ways. They can improve the beauty of your home and give it a clean look. Rugs are also accessible in different sizes and various designs. When it comes to buying a new rug for your home, you may have multiple options to choose from. However, if you are someone who is looking for a luxurious and exclusive rug, which give an illustrious look to any spot you place it at, it has to be a single choice, and that is exclusively high-quality Kashmiri rug. Kashmiri rugs give a luxurious look to any place. They depict the actual image of sovereignty. People for ages have researched to find the reason behind these Kashmiri rugs being the exemplification of the extravagant interior. It can be rightly said that these Kashmiri silk rugs are the ruler in all rugs. A house is just incomplete without a spirit, and it is accepted that a rug from Kashmir unites the whole house. Kashmir's rug has a history all through the world, acclaimed and celebrated for its home vibrant and unique designs as a treasure. There is more than just "paradise on earth" when one strolls through the magical Kashmir. Famous for its immaculate beauty and the natural splendor of its lavish green valleys and appealing lakes, Kashmir is additionally the heart of some long preserved and cherished traditions and crafts. What's more, it is just when you walk around the roads and look inside the matured houses; you understand what treasures lie hidden in this vale since times immemorial. With such a beautiful place comes something extraordinarily beautiful and those are the Kashmiri rugs. They are known to the world for two things - they are handcrafted, never machine-made, and they are knotted continuously, never tufted. A Kashmiri rug can likely be the costliest buy from your trip to Kashmir, but it is a lifelong investment and will be cherished by you for life.

Kashmiri silk rugs are woven in natural strands of fiber for giving warmth, that luxurious shine and royal touch to any place. High-quality silk from the cocoons of the larvae of mulberry is used to make these Kashmiri rugs. Creating or finding the silk material is more troublesome than finding wool, which thus is the reason for Kashmiri silk rugs being more expensive. Rug weaving in Kashmir was not initially indigenous but instead is thought to have come in by way of Persia. Till today, most designs are particularly Persian with local variations. One design example can be of a regular Kashmir rug "tree of life". The colors used in Kashmiri rugs entirely differ from colors that are used in any other form of a rug. One should always keep in mind that although the colors of Kashmiri rugs are subtle and muted than anywhere available in the country. To your information, only chemical dyes are used now, and vegetable dyes have not been available now for a hundred years. Now that we have talked about the beauty of these rugs, the sturdiness also mattes and it depends upon the traffic.

Handmade Kashmiri rugs are perfect for both less and high traffic region

Because of the pure silk and hand-knotted woven procedure used in making them, it is a highly durable rug. You can utilize it for age to another age. If you want to give a soft and luxurious touch to your décor and want to get compliments, then this is the best accent. You can create a focal point in your living space by placing a beautiful Kashmiri silk rug. These rugs are woven in traditional design pattern, which has been originated from different places of the world. Placing a Kashmiri rug at your home is the best way to add history and memory of ancient people and a beautiful place. These can also be used as a wall hanging. Hang it on a plain wall to add that touch of luxurious look to your area instantly. For the flooring purpose, you can use it in the living room and bedroom, as these two places you can show your choice and personality to others. Give any room in your home an elegant and regal look with these Kashmiri rugs and see how it uplifts the mood instantly.