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Antique Mughal Rugs | Finest Quality of Mughal Carpets
wool on cotton

Mughal Rugs

Everyemperor in the Mughal reign was an art enthusiast, and the same can be seenthrough their artifacts, monuments, and art in general. Detailing played animportant part, and the Mughal art so often was also adorned with flowerypatterns and elaborate designs. Our Mughal Rugs have been inspired by the verysame Mughal era, and are bound to make your floorings and furniture get a royaltouch.

Persianart played an important role in inspiring the Mughal Art, and thereby it playsan important role in designing these Mughal Rugs. Only highly skilled andprofessional artisans are appointed to create these spectacular Mughal Rugs.And with the choice of choosing different colors and sizes, these rugs can becustomized to adorn your house and beautify it with a regal and vibrant look.

Ifwe look back at the paintings from the Mughal Era, vibrant hues dominated thepainting, along with flowers. Bright colors depict enthusiasm, excitement andan element of optimism, with simplicity. Flowers indicate happiness, as well asabundance. The paintings were created during happy occasions and celebratoryevents. Moreover, they also symbolize purity, joyfulness, admiration, honor,and beauty, among other things. Keeping all of these ideas in mind, the MughalRugs are created in a way that they only bring happiness and positivity inhomes, while adding an optimistic touch to the furnishings and floorings.

Thetimeless design is widely acclaimed, even used to adorn the houses of royaltyfrom all over, and even by officials of high post during the British Raj era.Artisans with skills passed by their ancestors in this craftwork rigorously tocreate the impeccable Mughal Rugs, that then go on to decorate houses. Theserugs are every so often in great demand, due to their extremely high knotdensity and impressively traditional designs, being handcrafted via anintensive task.


Makingprocess and maintenance of Mughal Rugs

TheMughal Rugs possess an aura about them through their detailed design thatmatched with every nook and corner it gets paired with. And the fabric used isonly the top quality sheep wool that gives that velvety texture. The materialused is not only soft to touch but of utmost durability, suitable to be passedthrough the upcoming generations. Only after hours of interweaving, measuringand cleaning, are these rugs deemed perfect for sale.

Theserugs are not even difficult to clean, being made of wool, that is one of themost durable materials, and vacuuming or dusting is usually enough. The blendof colors and patterns usually ends up camouflaging small persistent stains,which can be taken out during a more thorough cleaning process. As long as theyare not placed in a humid environment or under direct sunlight, the Mughal Rugswill last longer as the Mughal Kingdom did.

Whetherthe rugs are placed on plain flooring or with an eccentric cabinet or even witha traditionally designed piece of furniture like a coffee table, these rugswill bring out their best features or be complementary to them, without beingtoo much.

Theserugs are the perfect gift as well, be it a memento, a housewarming gift, orgiven on a festival. It will hold great sentimental value, and due to itsversatile nature, will easily suit any kind of interior design, without a greateffort. Rugs never go out of time, and always give a more luxurious and elegantfeel to the house, which is why they are often deemed as the perfect accessoryfor house decoration.

Soget your hands on these Mughal rugs and relish the feeling of utmost luxury androyalty with them adorning your abode!