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Palace Rugs | Beautiful Antique Carpet Designs
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Palace Rugs

Impart a royal look to the floorings of your home with these beautifully designed Palace rugs.

Palace rugs are designed traditionally, with a twist of Aztec, which are bound to light up any cornet they are adorned with. Inspired by Egyptian art, the palace rugs are magnificent in their unique way, and will undoubtedly live up to the phrase “History in Trend”. From living room to bedroom, these elegant Palace Rugs will amplify the beauty of the flooring as well as the furniture.

These rugs are individually handcrafted, by the best craftsmen, so that each intricate design is just perfect. Going through several steps of measurement, interweaving, and cleaning of these high-quality rugs, they are crafted with the best sheep wool. These rugs are made to last detail and are to be passed down as souvenirs to the coming generations. You even get the preference to alter the size and colors to go with your hue schemes!

During the earlier times, when emperors were the highest commands, the palaces were always a sight of beauty. Adorned with amazing décor, for which exceptional artisans were called from faraway lands, to acquire the best embellishments for their grand palaces. These included all kinds of furnishings; including beddings, drapes, curtains and whatnot.

Palace rugs and mattresses served as an essential part of these furnishings. These extravagant rugs were a part of almost every room in the palaces of the olden times. They were paired with everything present in the room, from beds and tables to even grand thrones. 

Skills Behind Palace Rugs

Centuries ago, there used to be special skilled men who used to be masters of certain kinds of crafts. These also included arts like carpet making, designing clothes and furnishings, and so on. These professional workers were extremely famous for the skills their hands possessed and used to get summoned, especially by the royals to get work done for the palace. Different styles of arts had various experts and depending on what the royals wanted, the artisan would be called.

From Kalamkari to Madhubani and even Persian art, different palaces adorned different sets of beautiful work done. Fantastic craft, with exquisite hand-knotted craft, splendid designs, and variation of colors were a common sight. These skilled craftsmen came from families of craftsmen with the skills being passed from generation to generations.

To maintain authenticity, the palace rugs, even today, are made by the craftsmen of the very same families, with the art and skills being passed down from their hardworking and talented ancestors. Each of the artisans has a different style of making rugs, from dying to knotting each strand of wool and cutting rugs. They know how to create flawless rugs, which will not only look beautiful but will last for a long time.

Rugs may tend to lose their vibrant look and get dull over time, but these craftsmen know the techniques for the beautiful charm of the rugs to last at least a few lifetimes. Constant washing and drying, after hours, and days, and sometimes even weeks or months of hand-knotting, is necessary to make sure the color stays. The craftsmen tend to test the rugs a few times before sending them out for sale, to make sure they will satisfy the house as well as the owner to the maximum extent. After all, they use their inherited skills to make timeless beauties. These rugs will transform any home into a palace. And they most certainly do, many of them being passed on to the coming generations, already!

Adorn your abodes with these unique carpets, and see how all the heads turn in awe with these royal palace rugs.