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wool on cotton

Peacock Rugs

Peacockshave been considered a symbol of beauty ever since the royal times, given theintricate peacock designs on the several artifacts and monuments. Inspired bythe very same period as well as the Madhubani art, these Peacock Rugs will adda royal touch to your home. Adorning your plain floors with these intricatelydesigned rugs will bring out the best in your homes and intensify the splendorwithout much trying.

Thesebeautifully detailed rugs are handmade, with only the best quality sheep wool.The interweaving of these rugs is done by extremely skilled craftsmen, and eachdesign is created with nothing but perfection. After going through severalprocesses and tests, they are deemed perfect and ready to embellish your humbleabode. Available in various sizes and colors, you have the liberty to choosethe one that will be impeccable for your house!

The royals, back in the day, had agreat attachment with art and therefore decorated their houses with them indifferent forms. Elaborate paintings, elegant, printed and embroideredclothing, and even decorated utensils were present in almost every royalpalace. It also meant, having beautifully decorated furnishings as a part ofthe royal lifestyle. Many of these included peacocks as their decorative artforms, present on various artifacts, and can be seen through the archaeologicaldiscoveries and souvenir from the past. These arts were highly cherished backthen and therefore, are even considered vintage and royal. This is why manyalso think that such art forms quickly add a royal look to the place theyembellish, and amplify the beauty.

The peacock rugs are not only greatwith traditional and more rustically laidback settings, where they match withthe heritage look of the room and make it even more royal but will serve as agreat contrast with bold and eccentric, as well as modernly designed rooms.They never fail to give a more lively and vibrant look, while adding an elementof beauty not only to the furnishing they are paired with but the entire room.

History andSignificance of Peacocks in Art

Peacocks have a great significance inIndia, them being the national bird. Peacocks have been considered as a symbolof beauty for years now, and therefore used in several art forms. During rains,peacocks tend to “dance” in the rain, and spread their feathers. In this peakform, these peacocks are an immensely beautiful sight, which has been inspiringartists to capture this beauty for centuries. From the early arts, with peacocksilhouettes, to art from the Mughal times with more defined and vibrantfinishes, peacocks are used by different artists and artisans as a symbol ofcharm and beauty on so many items, including clothes, henna designs, rangolis,and even paintings. This means that peacocks have to be a part of the royallooking rugs as well.


Our designers at Jaipur Handicraftsthemselves are masters of the using peacocks as an inspiration while makingthese rugs. Peacocks are also a symbol of vision, spirituality, guidance androyalty, among other things, which is why they are cherished so much. Peacocksget associated with the Hindu god, Krishna, who, when depicted, is adorned witha peacock feather on his head.

Our designers further use theseelements for the wide variety of designs, patterns, so that each rug tells astory itself. The popularity of peacock rugs also serves as a reason for themto keep exploring new designs, which are both antique and contemporary.

Relish these royal and feather-softrugs under your feet and add a vibrant and regal touch to your home with thePeacock Rugs!