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Plain Rugs

Elaborately designed and detailed rugs are great but solid-colored, plain rugs have a charm of their own. These rugs are bound to go with and maximize the beauty of any part of your house they are put in, without making it look tacky. The subtlety of these rugs adds instant charm to the place, regardless of the locale. They are nothing less of plain canvases, which are bound to induce the magnificence of the furniture or flooring they are paired with.

These rugs are inspired by the beautiful solid-hued sceneries, like the calm sea and the vast sky. Handcrafted by craftsmen with impeccable skills, these rugs go through a series of steps to get that flawless finish. After expertly interweaving the best quality sheep wool, the rugs are accurately measured and cleaned to ensure the desired size as well as the color.

Plain Rugs add a pop to the furniture, bringing them into the light while adding a great touch to them. Plain Rugs are extremely underrated due to their lack of design, but they are one of the best pieces to be placed in a room, with furniture. Not only do they add a pop of color, but are the epitome of simple yet beautiful embellishments.

How to Decorate Your House with Plain Rugs

 While many rugs often only suit specific settings, Plain Rugs are not only timeless but highly versatile. Instead of focusing on grabbing the attention, they shed light on the piece of furnishing they are paired with. Due to their solid tones, they add a sense of uniformity amidst the chaos. They can even be an item binding furnishings together, like a sofa with a coffee table.

The best thing about these rugs is that they are available in a variety of solid colors, which represent various things. Whether it is a rug as blue as the sky, symbolizing tranquility, stability and calm, or as red as a rose, representing energy, joyfulness, royalty and excitement, each color tends to bring in excellent radiance and charm of its own.

Plain rugs can be paired with almost anything, from a plain old floor to the eccentric and quirky center table. They can be put in front of the mantle, to enjoy a book by the fireplace, or by the bed to feel the feather-like softness after getting off of the best, first thing in the morning. These rugs will fit anywhere and not feel out of place. They can be matched with the walls, the furniture, the curtains, the woodwork or even the sofa, and they will fit right in. They can be of a whole different color, not matching any part of the room, and they will end up being one of the bolder décors.

And as a matter of fact, faded or dull colors will add charms as bright colored rugs do. For instance, a grey or beige colored rug will give a vintage aura to the room, looking like something straight out of a black and white movie. Browns provide a more serious, yet regal and elegant look to the surroundings. Bright yellows, oranges, and pinks add pop and bring out the fun factor in that particular space. Each colored rug has its charm that adds twist and characteristic to the room, regardless of where they are put or paired with. Hence plain rugs so unique, and they deserve bonus points for their versatile nature!

Get your hands on these plain yet royal rugs, and amplify the beauty of any furniture in a snap!