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Silk on Cotton Rugs | Silk Cotton Carpets
silk on cotton

silk on cotton

Silk On Cotton Rug

Silk rugs enhance the look and feel of any place instantly. They are the best sort of carpets and can immediately make a place look royal and regal with its luster and softness of the material. Silk rugs are a symbol of high-quality fibers as a symbol of sophistication and significance, which therefore brings magnificence to any house. The attraction to these rugs resides within the fineness of its fibers, which are remarkably soft, luminous, as well as have a reflective quality. Silk rugs are the most luxurious productions ever made by humans. The production of these magnificent rugs, precisely the creation of the silk textile began in China, although silk rugs are unattested there until the seventeenth century. History of Silk Persia is credited with the Silk textile manufacturing during the Sassanian period. Consequently, it is believed that the Persians of that period or those of early Islamic times might possess the custom-made Silk. However, it is still unclear which country initiated the manufacturing of silk carpets. No matter who claims the origin of Silk, it is a magical fabric, which is incredibly robust and thin. Even when only the silk highlights are used to add definition to ornate styles and designs in rugs, the complexion of a rug changes completely. The brightness of the colors matches these traits once the fiber’s prismatic structure mirrors the light. Silk is lithe yet exceptionally sturdy. As an artifact, it engineered the world’s most notable trade route and created immortal legends. Today, Silk remains the ultimate luxurious fiber.

The beauty of Silk outshines

all different natural and artificial fibers are known to man. What happens when such a lustrous yarn meets a more durable and easy to construct yarn, cotton? The combination turns out to be divine. The luxurious shine of Silk and the durability of cotton yarn would make the rug look beyond expectations. When it comes to the making of Silk on the cotton rug, the mentioning of knots is essential. It is crucial to mention that a rug made using Silk and cotton is always made with the symmetrical or double knotting technique. This process takes more time but also gives the carpet more strength. What plays a significant role in the value of these carpets is the number of knots in a square inch. The minimum amount of knots a rug should have to be considered a right rug is 250 per square inch! That is why rugs made using Silk and cotton area are so valued. Other rugs, which are made using different yarns, are made with the single knot technique. The threads used in the making of such rugs make your silky rug smooth, resistant to outside influences, and therefore longer living!. Rugs, apart from adding beauty to any space, make your feet feel soft and velvety along with providing softness. If you want the luster of the Silk and strength of cotton to stay in place for eons, it is essential to vacuum your rug regularly. The vacuum prevents dust, dirt, and crumbs from settling into the roots of the rug. When the luxury of Silk and the strength of cotton meet and make geometric and tribal motifs, it comes out great. The output works wonders when placed in your home for decoration. It can be used in your home or informal spaces like kid’s rooms, corridors, verandas, and office spaces. It is sure to uplift any dull space or a fashionable one instantly.