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Tree of Life rug

Putting up something new to home is a bit difficult task. But, what if the thing is just beautiful, soft to touch and soothing to eyes!

Our “Tree of Life” rug designs are prevalent motif used in oriental rugs, pottery, and various other decorative items. They are said to predate both Islam and Christianity and are found throughout all weaving cultures. The originality of the cotton material and the soft, handwoven silk of these rugs make them a perfect choice for your home décor.

 People believe it originated in ancient Mesopotamia, though the tree’s features have transformed a lot over the centuries. The earliest gloriously known Mesopotamian “Tree of Life,” that dates back to around 2,500 BCE and depicts a Sumerian god standing tall in front of 2 sacred trees. A black steatite cylinder seal from the same period shows a beautiful goddess choosing fruit from a holy palm tree, which is also said to be a depiction of Tree of Life. This might have been the inspiration for the story of the temptation of the forbidden fruit in Genesis.

 The Tree of Life look has played a central role within the arts for millennia, placed in everything from pottery and mosaics to paintings and different handcrafted items.

History of the Tree of Life

In ancient Armenia, it is said that the Tree of Life was drawn on walls of fortresses. In the depiction of this art done of the fortifications, the branches of the tree were equally divided on the right and left facet, while each branch had one leaf. Servants stood on either facet of the tree with their hands up, like they were taking care of the tree.

As Christianity began to develop along with masses, the tree came to represent immortality within the Biblical account of the Garden of Eden, wherever Adam and Eve lived in an exceeding state of non-corruption. Since that point, the tree has become a part of the setting wherever God himself lives, and wherever followers hope to dwell within life.

Though there are varied mentions of the Tree of Life in various religions and cultures, the common theme among them being the depiction of a meaningful spiritual image. Whether within the Americas, Europe, China or the Middle East, the Tree of Life’s story has been custom-made in various ways, across many generations.

Thus, the thought of “Tree of Life” predates Judaic, Christian and Muslim traditions. In its purest kind, it stands as the giver of life. In each culture during which this motif is found, it is an essential image of life and abundance.

Like the tree of life, art is present everywhere, and now people are using rugs as items of art.

The Tree of Life rug once placed in your adobe is sure to provide you with positivity and warmth alongside turning a dull area bright and elegant.

There was a stage wherever people were against the concept of investing in high-quality premium rugs. But, nowadays, people are willing to invest in some solid and eternal pieces instead of inexpensive options. The handmade Tree of Life rug not only overthrows a rustic charm to any place but also are very sustainable.

Complexly designed items with abstract and ancient patterns and a plurality of colors are currently quite common. Antique objects and old ancients invariably have an important attractiveness to them, and even today, rugs with Tree of Life motifs are quite commonly used. They are not just used as rugs but also as an art piece that can be passed from one generation to another.

If you are looking to make contemporary changes in your home, look no further. Look down! Tree of Life rugs are the underdogs of the house interior decoration world, yet they will transform the design and style of your area in no time. It is available in a wide range of colors that add a classy statement to your living space. Get all set to have these antique carpets for years in your home.