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Tribal Rugs | Artist Made Vibrant Patterns To Buy
wool on wool
wool on cotton

Tribal Rugs

Inspiredby the tribes of early Egyptian civilizations, the Tribal rugs are perfect tobe paired with your Indo modern coffee table or even the flooring at the footof your bed. The designs on these rugs are incredibly unique, and the intricatedetailing adds a splash of splendor to any corner they adorn. The color scheme,in addition to the vibrant pattern, will add a touch of magnificent to anyboring furniture.

Dominatedusually by red and its shades, these rugs are colored so to signify passion.The tribes have had a great significance of colors, art and designs in theirlives, and that is tried to be inculcated in these Tribal Rugs as well. Forexample, red signifies passion as well as drama and attracts attention, whichis precisely what these rugs do as well. The customizable Tribal Rugs are meantto also attract good energies and depict a strong sense of ancient art andcraft. A corner of the bedroom or the center of the living room, these rugswill nothing less than amplify the charm of the place, and bring out the bestin the furnishings!

Everyrug holds a specialty that accents anything it is paired with, furniture orflooring. The tribal rugs never fail to accentuate the room in a way that alleyes are attracted towards it. These tribal style rugs are definite to addwarmth and color to any space they get added to, and therefore the perfectaddition to every home. Adding a luxurious touch to your home, without tryingtoo hard is exactly what this rug will do, giving a regal vibe to thefurnishings of the room!

Thehandwoven tribal rugs are created by a method that has been passed down to thetribal people by their ancestors, which makes the carpets more personal andunique. Now, these rugs are crafted by Jaipur Handicrafts to preserve theauthenticity and originality of the Indian tribal craft and to support itsartisans as well.

Theserugs also serve as an excellent gift that can be given on any occasion, thembeing so regal and rustic. Be it for a house warming or some other occasion,get your hand on these authentic beauties, wrap them up!

Significance of Tribal Rugs

Tribalart has been significant since the earliest of days when different designs andpatterns were carved on cave walls with rocks. As time passes, some tribal artforms took the shape of extravagant paintings, the style of decorating bodiesand faces and making beautiful fabrics and garbs like rugs. As each tribevaried from the other, their art varied too. Every pattern has a uniquesignificance, each telling a different story.


Influencedby these design and patterns, Tribal rugs also have a unique kind of warmthabout them, with every color and pattern depicting something significant.Moreover, different people predict them differently and select them based on thatprediction. Our designers at Jaipur Handicrafts take the inspiration from thetribal art across India and design these rugs that are one of the bestdecorations that can be added to your humble abode. Depending on the colorscheme of the room, our tribal rugs can be selected and even customized.

TheseTribal Rugs light up any space and offer warmth and convenience to thosewalking, sitting and even lying on the rugs at times. They can soften a tilefloor or add characteristics that absorb sound to a room.

Acorner of the bedroom or the center of the living room, these Tribal Rugs willnothing less than amplify the charm of the place, and bring out the best in thefurnishings!