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Vintage Rugs

The 1900s are considered a golden age by many people. It gave us many great gifts like great music, classic movies and a whole set of vintage art and artifacts. Vintage rugs have been one of the most cherished things, especially for those who have gotten them handed out by older generations. The Vintage Rugs are created keeping the same idea in mind, making them look like straight out of the homes of your ancestors.

The beautiful patterns honor the old times, and they do not only go with the antiques of any house but even modern furniture. Inspired by early French and Portuguese designs, the Vintage Rugs are a favorite among especially among the vintage hunters. Each design and detail is achieved through the interweaving of only the best quality sheep wool, and these cruelty-free rugs easily match with everything.

Getting hands-on vintage rugs is not at all an easy task. It requires a sharp eye, enquiring each detail and crafting to perfection. This involves a lot of patience and time. Jaipur Handicrafts online platform is a pit stop for anyone and everyone looking for a vintage rug for their home. A wide range of variety proves how you do not have to swaddle around flea markets and antique stores to get a hand on a vintage beauty, as they are now just a few clicks away.

Each design and style of these vintage rugs have been flourished through the pages of history to pull off the beauty and splendor of the early, golden days, with fashion at its peak and timeless classic designs. These designs, today, not only cherishes but preferred the most, due to the unique charm of the vintage style.

Making of Vintage Rugs

The Vintage Rugs are styled by taking inspiration from the timeless antique decor and fashion that suits everything. The vintage rugs take a lot of skill to be made, going through many steps before reaching the perfect, final product.

One of the primary inspirations to stand amidst many are the extravagant Operas and balls that used to get hosted back in the 20th century. The grand halls were decorated with the best of the best furnishings, including exclusive, handcrafted rugs. Similar rugs were also used to adorn the houses of royalty as well as people with high rankings. The skills used at those times have been passed down through generations, and have remained almost unchanged. Those same skills are used to create these perfect vintage rugs.

First, high-quality sheep wool is collected from various locations. After the first cleansing, it is dyed and interweaved by the hands of only the best craftsmen. Once the satisfactory material is achieved, it is measured to accuracy and cut according to the need of the buyer. Next, it goes through multiple cleaning processes, including washing and drying multiple times, to ensure that the color stays.

Once made sure that they are flawless, the rugs are good to go. The fact that the best wool is used ensures that the rugs are as soft as feathers and velvety under your feet. Additionally, wool has the quality of being able to bounce back that ensures the durability of the rug, as long as it is not kept in humidity or direct sunlight.

Depending on the complexity of rugs, like the knots per square inch, they can take varying amounts of time to be created, especially by hand. While some rugs may take a few weeks, some can even take months to be completed! So grab one for your home now, altered and styled according to your desire, while still retaining the vintage charm!